Have We Met Before?

Did you guys know my friend is actually irl Ibuki?
check him out he’s perfect Ibuki

I’ve… met her before. She was very nice! J-Just loud… We are friends and my favorite song of hers is….. W-Well “Stardust will overcome our hardships!” is pretty good?


Question for the mod, any chance of seeing an alternate reality mastermind Chihiro?

((Back in the day (like when I first got my Chihiro cosplay) I did a closet cosplay version! [Link] But maybe when I get a new sewing machine I’ll put it on my list to make a real mastermind AU Chihiro! It was always my favovite uvu))

Well… Maybe once or twice…

mun never leave we all love u

I’ll try my best to never leave yeah yeah

(I meant for Chihiro to like, die in canon?)

(I got you I’m just messing around heheh save that for whenever I do zombie chihiro ;))

W-What did I d-do…? ((o(;△;)o))

I refuse to let this blog die lmao

…..I-I’m still alive!!!