Have We Met Before?


RIP Fujipapi

ooc post: I hope you guys have drae spoilers blacklisted
this is ur warning before i reblog something >;)



I want to go back

That’s me!! uvu

Did you guys know my friend is actually irl Ibuki?
check him out he’s perfect Ibuki

I’ve… met her before. She was very nice! J-Just loud… We are friends and my favorite song of hers is….. W-Well “Stardust will overcome our hardships!” is pretty good?


Question for the mod, any chance of seeing an alternate reality mastermind Chihiro?

((Back in the day (like when I first got my Chihiro cosplay) I did a closet cosplay version! [Link] But maybe when I get a new sewing machine I’ll put it on my list to make a real mastermind AU Chihiro! It was always my favovite uvu))

Well… Maybe once or twice…

mun never leave we all love u

I’ll try my best to never leave yeah yeah

(I meant for Chihiro to like, die in canon?)

(I got you I’m just messing around heheh save that for whenever I do zombie chihiro ;))